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The Psalms is proudly hosted by – a new sort of blogging content management system built atop Markdown and maintained by a company which explicitly shares my commitment to a better, Open web.

I truly, deeply love my host CMS/service and do not pay enough for it. Can you say the same? Use my invite link and give a try. It literally saved my life.

A somewhat-outdated version of this site's theme is listed among others in Writeas' official themes list. The full, up-to-date CSS and JS can be found below and on in this GitHub repository, which I created in November, 2020 as an experiment in using Git to track editorial changes. (That means you can see current in-progress drafts!)



Body Text: Adobe Caslon Pro

Nav/Headers/Other: Proxima Nova & Variations


The Psalms 3.0 Palette

Download The Psalms 3.0 color pack for a limited time here.


The Psalms’ GitHub Repository also hosts the technical documentation for its theme. Download the latest “release,” here and/or view the raw CSS here.

The Psalms Drafts Theme

Drafts Theme

If you happen to be a user of agiletortoise’s infamous Drafts app on iOS and/or MacOS, I have just released a quite-uncanny theme on the new Themes Directory emulating The Psalms’ reading experience which I am quite pleased with.