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07242022-140816 Howdy folks! I have a semi-serious proposal (me offering to help if you'd like) for those of you who were/are users of

I understand that Whyp is a whole lot more than a replacement or even a competitor or whatever, but I also know that Clyp doesn't seem interested in or able to manifest the post-GDPR comprehensive account data exports we've gotten used to ... I've been checkin in on whatever the heck they're (not) doin and well... I think now's probably the time to invest in scraping our own profiles if we intend to actually retain any content we've published there.

that said, I'm here to help. I've just managed to do an almost competent job of gathering the media files and metadata from my own profile - which was definitely not worth the time it took me to get the hang of it lol. if I can help anyone save stuff they care about, though, I know it'd make me feel it was more justified.

(It'd been a bit since I last checked but they've locked their subreddit so this is the most appropriate place that came to mind to post this.)


<@106251967889690624> good shout! I did consider adding an "import" feature to Whyp 🤔

well, you know I'm no developer, but I think I can say with unfortunate certainty that well... it'd be about as difficult as such a thing can possibly be, from what I saw today. it would seem that they have deliberately locked down those parameters in their API which were once accessible without authentication. here's the visualized result of querying one of my tracks ( without authentication...

the only media url in that list that successfully responds is the static subdomain one for the album art. it very well could have always been like that but I can't imagine why...

also find it interesting that they stored user audio files in both .ogg and .mp3 (unless its possible to stream those from the same source on the spot or something.)