This was originally intended as a response to a post on the Obsidian forums, but apparently it included too many hyperlinks for one's post there, so trying to post it got my account suspended. (lol)

Regarding Git on iOS, I just wanted to pop in and and share Working Copy since it wasn't mentioned.

I've spent the past eight or nine months playing around with Git as integrated into the entirety of my writing/notetaking/curating/documenting process. (here's the primary subject repo, if you're curious, but there's nothing particularly special about anything I've done with it so far.)

in the past three months, especially, this has involved working more on my new iPhone than I have since community college, when my iPhone 4 was my only computer for three semesters. (that is a good story lol)

I think I have a fairly good picture of Git on iOS, specifically, after all the reading and testing (screwing around) I've done.

here are the bullet points:

Personally, I would rather go through the hassle to write in Bear and export to Working Copy every once in a while than any other workflow I've found yet because I love how both apps look and work, but maybe I'm just superficial lol.