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Retrieves current song’s Song.Link URL, copies URL to clipboard, opens URL in Safari.


This Shortcut retrieves the Song.Link/Odesli page URL for the track currently playing, copies said URL to the clipboard, and opens the URL in Safari.

I have it titled “SL” so - if I feel like sharing the current track - all I need to do is type “sl” to Siri and its Song.Link page opens in Safari (mainly to make sure it’s the proper page.)


Version 1.2

2021–04–28–02.47.38 I removed the copy to clipboard action from the Shortcut and updated it accordingly on RoutineHub today - it turns out, it was just copying the entire URL from whatever streaming service eg: instead of which needlessly adds to the already-overwhelming number of API requests they’re experiencing right now. Instead, just tap the small “copy link” text (first of three buttons, by default.)