!!! info A number of variables are supported.

* **{link}** Links to the new video (don't forget this one!)
* **{author}** The youtuber's channel title
* **{everyone}** @everyone
Name Example Usage
[youtube|yt] <name> [channel] [message] !yt #cool-math-channel {everyone} our lord just uploaded a new video {link} Adds the youtuber. If no channel is specified the channel the command was used in gets used.
yt list !yt list Shows all registered youtube channels and where they announce new streams
yt sub <name> [channel] [message] !yt sub #cool-math-channel {everyone} our lord just uploaded a new video {link} Same as !yt
yt unsub <name> !yt unsub Removes a youtube subscription streamer.
yt move <name> <channel> !yt move #stem Moves the notification to another channel.
yt fmt <name> <channel> !yt fmt MATH MATH MATH MATH {link} Changes the notification message.