Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts Support on iPhone (Request)

Hello! I just want to first apologize for the length and specificity of this request, but I’ve been putting it off for almost 10 years now, for what it’s worth haha. I am looking for something quite specific: formal documentation (from Apple!) of bluetooth hardware keyboard shortcuts on iPhone - especially within the native apps.~

It’s quite easy to find these for shortcuts supported on iPad (here’s an easy example: A lot of times, the iPad shortcut guide will even specifically mention that some of them are also supported on iPhone, but not all, but they never specify beyond that.” I understand that extended hardware keyboard use with iPhone is a very fringe case, but - from what I know about Apple’s principles of software development/design - I am quite sure this/these list(s) specifying which keyboard shortcuts native iOS apps support on iPhone are properly documented, somewhere. If they aren’t, I would strongly suggest Apple take a second to do so - surely the most valuable company in history has the resources, no?

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