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10032022-025400 I'd much rather have a regular job doing regular things at this point! Everything that's happened in the past six months (and more) has really highlighted what my actual priorities have been all along - for me and the people I care about to be genuinely safe and secure and lead reasonable safe, secure, lives. I hope I can actually make that happen. I got pulled into so much stuff I never wanted to get pulled into, and pulled away from so much stuff I truly wanted to engage in, and now I'm stuck with all the fallout from all of it and don't have the resources to get myself (or anyone else) out of it right now.

However, there hopefully WILL come a time where I have a bit more brainpower and safety to explore things, so I'm happy to noodle around with Open Social if you'd like to! I haven't hit the demo button yet, because I don't have the personal resources for that just now. However, I think you have enough of an idea of what I'd like to do, if you wanted to arrange a demo and get a trial environment to play around with. I'm hoping the references to "avoiding hick-ups" on their website is just a quaint Dutch-to-English translation, and not an attempt to keep their product away from neoyokels.


Hey! I'm sorry to hear about your burnout :/.

This Open Social project is hitting hard as I dig - it's so unusual to be talking about legit, capital-O Open Source projects and healthcare in the same context, but I really like everything I'm seeing. The whole federal government runs on Drupal, so that's not much of a stretch!

Have you hit the "Request a Demo" button yet? Because I literally have a local Drupal installation on my home machine just sitting useless and am very tempted to see if I can spin up an instance of this thing.

I have not really done any formal, paid consulting, but I certainly haven't been pushing my name around whatsoever lol. Instead, I've actually just gotten a job as a full-time night custodian for my elementary school. (That's the level for ages 6-11 years in the U.S..) I've also met someone (a third-grade teacher at a different school in the same district) whom I'm more excited about than I've ever been by a long shot. (The last thing I expected, naturally.)

Honestly, it's very nice having a real boss, doing real physical labor, and actually investing time/effort into very tangible results, if that makes sense. Continuing on as I was, I'm sure I would have burned out by now in some melodramatic fashion hehe.

David, I'm burnt out from clinical work. BEYOND burnt out, and it's causing trouble for everybody. Shall we just seek our fortune in building the network of neurodivergent practitioners I've always wanted to? That way I can just say "nope, can't help you, but here's an entire network of people who can, all nicely collaborating in a nicely secure way to give everybody the best and easiest and least-friction way of helping and being helped possible" (which I guess IS actually helpful after all). Have you been okay? Are you doing any consulting yet? I know this is bigger than consulting, and I don't really expect you to have the capacity to do it, but do you think this platform would work for it, at first glance?

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