@agiletortoise Gotta let the spirit move you link

I love working with people who are friendly. Who say “thank you” or cheer you on or say “good job.” These things ma… https://t.co/0mbOrr2gZD link

Time to get to work!

Accidentally prints PDF of the terminal

My favorite thing about Universal Clipboard is how it attempts to send https://t.co/TnTzwFntaE to my other devices… https://t.co/fJBfGDT79V link

@agiletortoise Oh man, this would drive me insane. I’m outside Chicago and I’d say it’s about 98% masked and we all… https://t.co/EsfGuzoez5 link

@agiletortoise Really not looking forward to meeting any more characters in the Covid Cinematic Universe. link

Twenty years in, and "Mass Romantic" still grabs you by the lapels and just shakes you until it gets tired.

And it… https://t.co/3w5XGBU2NY link

@agiletortoise I finally had the opportunity to listen to the Systematic podcast featuring you yesterday. I found i… https://t.co/BOfFl3X4nG link

@agiletortoise This is why libraries are such a big deal to me. Some are hanging on and continue to be incredible. link

Lol. She got guilty on defrauding the billionaires but not patients. This is America. link

Pony Island was the most surprising and fascinating game I've played for a long time. Well worth your time. (And… https://t.co/bFRFta7J8O link

@agiletortoise @settern @film_girl @reneritchie @gruber The only way to keep the episode under 5 hours. link

@agiletortoise Gotta keep it realistic ;) link

The LOC will unlock downloads on its library of streaming-only music from before 1923. https://t.co/9qF8gVN78K link

Last year my goal was to help 3 people that I had yet to meet. This year I’m expanding that to 12 people. https://t.co/ipiD3NmHoD link

@jamesthomson Good practice run for the 42nd anniversary! link

@stroughtonsmith Buy a damn good chair link

painter. architect. industrial designer.

when i finally clued in that these can be very difficult to earn a livi… https://t.co/suDx0DWWYG link

It’s really easy to just shut the fuck up. Not everyone needs to hear your opinions. link

@agiletortoise Or let me rephrase: I was unaware that was a thing. link