SYSTEM COLORS Telegram Themes


Make no mistake - I did virtually nothing to create the following themes, nor do I know anything about Telegram theme development, generally. Frankly, I shouldn’t have even taken the time to whip these up, but I wanted to at least dip my toe in the experience for a strangely sentimental essay I’ve been working on about the service’s service in my working life.

The one thing I did do is track down the most accurate translation of iOS’ core system colors in hex I could find, which I spammed in each reasonably-generateable format all over every dead end group chat and channel I once created and have (shamefully) subsequently neglected and forgotten on this service.

--color-pink: #ff2d55;
--color-purple: #5856d6;
--color-orange: #ff9500;
--color-yellow: #ffcc00;
--color-red: #ff3b30;
--color-teal-blue: #5ac8fa;
--color-blue: #007aff;
--color-green: #4cd964;

I originally started using the Big Boy Editor and immediately realized that there is no apparent means of translating the iOS themes I’d found recently into .tdesktop themes without 1.) implementing an unofficial, but highly tedious translation matrix between the entirely different formats, or just 2.) fuckin eyeballing it.

I started with perhaps the best light theme for this app I’ve ever found in terms of ultimate legibility in blinding sunlight, loading its (apparently early iOS-inspired?) style as a duplicate in the Bitch Mode “editor” found within the iOS app, itself. Then, I simply replaced its singular hex color asset with the equivalents you see above in the three classes to which it was assigned…


…and now I’m a real life Software Developer™! How amazing is tech in 2021, right???

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