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Updated 11012022-140718

brian | 2022-11-01 18:49:40 UTC | #1

I’ve used 2.0 for over a week now. Here are my current issues, thoughts, and praise from my latest sweep.

Migration (using v9735)

For Bear Version 2.0 (9780)

Tag Pane


Notes List


Shortcut Actions

And finally...

As new features are added, it’s clear that you all are holding sacred the minimalist principles that make Bear so special. Now, when are you going to sell shirts? I’ll take a polo-style with embroidered bear logo on left chest and contrast stitching on the placket, hem, and sleeves :smile:

brian | 2022-11-01 17:25:15 UTC | #2

Also, some possible search highlighting issues


Overhighlighting in the notes preview with quotes around braces


Partial highlighting in the Editor