Twitter Thread:

feeling sorta sentimental so I just want to say…

I have been a pretty annoying guest of the #iOS community this year. I don’t want to apologize for what I’m doing with @UIKeyCommand, but I do want to express my appreciation and admiration for the people (especially the accessible community) who work in orbit of Apple.

I got a request a few weeks ago to… chill out… from an authority I respect very much, who noted how positive the community was. I still feel like it was a misunderstanding, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t justified in that request, so I do want to apologize if my griping has been disruptive.

if you didn’t know me on this site 10 years ago, you may not know that I was once a card-carrying, Mac vs. Windows joke t-shirt wearing Apple Boy, absolutely in love with iPhone and imperviously excited about the future of consumer technology.

the truths I have discovered in the details of the narrative history - just how much of Apple’s “innovation” has been dependent on open source projects, for example - has indeed soured things for me, but in talking about them, I’m not trying to spread that sourness, but rather to be constructively critical.