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it's going to feel like I'm picking on this piece or on Gawker, even, but here's another something about the internet ('s linguistics? in this case) has profoundly changed into something else with the same name mini episode.

I saw the text "TOP TEN CELEBRITY KIDS I'M MOST AFRAID OF" in an email out of the corner of my eye and my brain did that thing it does when it recognizes a very particular dynamic in life (stimulus) as a inwardly-famliar/reglar one, but not one it has ever matched externally - or at least not for a very long time.

(I guess this is what a lot of frankly frustratingly inept people experience when they hear morning talk show hosts make a point to express something like "sometimes I actually use single-serving paper condiment packets from [restraurant one] when I eat at [restaurant two] even though it wasn't [resaurant one]'s [food item a] but was ACTUALLY [restaurant two's] [food item a])"

((what I'm really dwelling on, here, is fundamentally an experience of

  1. having some personally particular expectations, strongly, only because I must have been very certain the trigger was too specific to mean anything but the more or less particular meaning I heard.
  2. notably, having once become accustomed to these experiences happening pretty regularly on the internet and having found them VERY funny and original.
  3. feeling real excitement in the (again, quite certain) notion that I was going to get to exclaim and laugh at some ORIGINAL MATERIAL on the PERSONAL TRUTH I'd just dug out of the cobwebs minutes before. - I guess just really not doubting for one bit that "CELEBRITY KIDS I'M ... AFRAID OF" was referring to some(s) contemporarily tedious but hugely profound division between the lives of wealthy-ultrawealthy American pop culture icons and the lives of basically all other human beings... but UNCANNILY EMBODIED by their offspring, specifically. Not their person, but probably in a specific happening, in

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