Request: Desperate for a shortcut that keeps my iPhone unlocked

I usually have my phone set to auto-lock after 30 or 60 seconds. When I am driving, the lock engages unless I have my GPS up. It’s very frustrating to be stopped at a light and check a message really quickly, and then after I get going again, to find that I’m locked out and have to fumble with my passcode.

Unfortunately, changing my lock time every time I drive/stop driving is not very practical. I’d love your thoughts. Thanks!

(Edit: I have NFC tags handy, if that makes it any easier. A speed based option would be awesome, but I get that’s unlikely to be possible.)

There’s no real way to do this within Shortcuts but - if it helps - here’s a shortcut that opens the Auto-Lock menu directly in settings. You could install it on your homescreen for quick access.

For reference, the link is: