Transcript - The iPhone x Bluetooth Keyboard Issue is a Class Issue

I’m going to do it I’m really gonna do it on ironically I’m gonna talk about how the iPhone times Bluetooth keyboard use issue is a class issue it’s not that complicated involves basically acknowledging that the iPad even 11 years to thousand 10 after its interaction is basically a toy definitively it’s the flagship for iOS now iPadOS that’s the big issue arm but of course there are public use iPads education that’s not what I’m talking about Nobody none of my Pierce even the wealthier among my peers has a premium tablet or certain iPad my brother-in-law has an iPad Pro please visual artist like I in this case I don’t even know if I’ve eaten I should really come in on the iPad pros I don’t spend enough time with them but literally like I’m trying to think of students students even like middle-class upon a class college students they have a MacBook Pro and I have an iPhone maybe write smart phone and premium laptop that’s like there is no Essential used case that you can toss an iPad to fill up and I’m sorry is it gonna be summer contentious but like all the Apple Jason hear that I’ve been following engaging with a gun to know and ask for his guys and I think I Cinelli snail Gruber night when I say gotten to know not all these people directly against with me there’s a span all the states have iPads and they’re all I don’t know I wouldn’t listen like math he has an alley that’s about it like it’s justified Siri is single-handedly documenting Siri shortcuts that he doesn’t care but basically everybody like they’re all rich white it’s right basically you rich taking why guess what I think of iPad really I think we can give credit to safari of a teacher like I mean when I think of iPad especially I’ve ever I really do think of Erica I think I like I’ve that was a dynamic present in my thoughts before I actually like identified Federica by now I think I associate back stories with like for years and he is not a guy that like a ditch does a class hardware for iPad Pro offered to work anyway but I may ultimately it’s a toy I really wish that I could find an example of I just don’t hurry up Oh I really don’t know any like affluent GEN Xers anymore or like spending time around anyone anymore so I just don’t know anyone locally or with my family that has iPad of course there are like this doesn’t include like the seven year old iPad mini or the or a mom’s iPad Air to wish talked about it before anyway when iPadOS was split off from I was is the origin of the issue is the origin of the issue basically that I’m trying to dress with my huge Bluetooth keyboard process OK Basically when I thought I was split off from for my hours it took with it is ridiculous considering they were talking about digital documentation of a literally you really think about it took all the Bluetooth keyboard shortcut integration documentation use your face and documentation especially with it or iPad I can go on any app and hold down the command key on a Bluetooth keyboard and I will show you all like interviews pop-up I’ll show you a list of meds or iPhone that doesn’t happen And a lot of other things that are just omitted from and I wish that I could maybe one day I will actually find the decision process find a memo where they decided to you omit things like that even things like command tab for I’m switching in the regular mode on a full keyboard access just a holler at you I want to find the document or or a transfer or something find the man for the man is a success find it funny human beings Apple who decided to diverge those features and why because well And that anyway so what remains of use your face and documentation for the iPhone specifically and it’s support of booty keyboard shortcuts is like a document called using that using magic you were with the iPhone At this point and that’s basically yet there are a few other references you find and I want to talk about the car correct conversation I had with her anonymous framework engineer at Apple I seven decide how to reply to that but anyway so I understand that well OK also the iPad Pro was launched with that was the first time like it was launch parallel to the smart keyboard for iPad which was the first visit Jenkee ask half case have stand not have case I’ll stand half of the keyboard Anyway I like it I actually nailed a really great line on the practice today or is this like it’s almost as if out even Apple couldn’t abide by including the word pro and a pregnant without immediately having like showing the availability of a physical keyboard with that it’s very strange I thought the use of the word pro at all anyway and that well for I think the majority of people which this isn’t necessarily unreasonable that was the first woman to iOS no I was iPadOS these this operating system support Bluetooth keyboard shortcut to answer it’s worth of Lucy keyboard integration at all because Apple said right and they have the pictures the power of eight appearing in the pictures which iPhone will never ever appear in any Apple Official media tethered to a Bluetooth keyboard ever that happens while I will literally declare in a holiday but by then will truly be a full nonprofit organization run but and so that’s the narrative around this operating system and Bluetooth keyboards and it just kind of took off in that direction and well again not entirely unreasonable I’m not there you know even it but even if there are only two dozen of us he really is Keyboards are iPhones Apple’s biggest valuable companies in history of the world they need to document it OK and I’m safari safari keyboard shortcuts are getting actively changed between Iowa State Baylor releases somebody is developing actually on iPhones Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts word OK but there are no document it there’s no documentation and I mean honestly yeah using a keyboard with your iPad that’s cool you know Federico is demonstrating how I can be professional machine but honestly for the rest the vast majority of iPad users are bad it’s just one thing I bet it sits around on a table somewhere it doesn’t use what is the time Or it’s just for browsing web or add a barbecue with attachment you probably don’t even use it you probably pick it up with the fucking you pick the iPad up with a keyboard but an end up tapping out with yourselves and select using keyboard but it’s inadvertent of course but one of those products iPhone this is I know this is ridiculous retching certainly it is a premium smart phone OK but not all iPhone models are premium products you see the Sea Thing as these are tools for people essential tools for students for like reporters and in that sense I mean I would wager with zero data that the amount like the number of tide the average Bluetooth keyboard with iPhone user is using it for cortical professional applications or or like writing essays for school and I’ll are you that the majority of the iPad equivalent is probably coming around rapping is wrong Mean I could’ve just said basically iPad toy iPhone toy for me toy for a lot of us but genuine tool genuine essential device in the daily lives of a lot of people and yeah