CARROT Weather Jar Shortcut

Updated 01192023-170855


Store all available CARROT Weather Data for a specified location in Data Jar.

This shortcut simply stores all returnable parameters from a CARROT Weather query for a specified location at run as a JSON dictionary in Data Jar, keyed by timestamp.

Example Entry

  "air": "",
  "alerts": "0 Weather Alerts",
  "clouds": "86",
  "condition": "Mostly Cloudy",
  "dew": "42°F",
  "dir": "166",
  "feels": "39°F",
  "gust": "26 mph",
  "high": "47°F",
  "humidity": "86",
  "loc": "Duga radar",
  "low": "40°F",
  "moon": "Waning crescent",
  "pollen": "",
  "precip": "0 in",
  "precipchance": "0",
  "pressure": "1007",
  "source": "Dark Sky",
  "spoken": "The current wind speed is 12 mph from the south, meatbag.",
  "station": "",
  "summary": "Mostly cloudy for the hour.",
  "sunrise": "075400",
  "sunset": "162800",
  "temp": "45°F",
  "uv": "0",
  "vis": "10 mi",
  "wind": "12 mph"