Flights Data Jar Shortcut

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Flights Data Jar Shortcut



Store and (optionally) git track the full suite of available Infinite Flight data.

Note: this shortcut requires access to the Infinite Flight Live API:

An API key is required to use the Live API. Contact to let us know what you plan on building and to request a key.

This shortcut is designed to help Infinite Flight users maintain a local flight log in JSON format with all available data (duration stats + flight plan + flight route) via the Infinite Flight Live API and Data Jar.

At installation, you'll be asked to provide:

  1. Your Infinite Flight Live API key.
  2. Your Infinite Flight User (UU)ID.

Determining your User ID

Example: 9b6176d9-2377-4f72-b1f2-85f8ec7be935 (My user ID.)

Like all identifiers in the system, user account IDs are in UUID format and not immediately available in the standard interface (that I could find, anyway.)

curl -v \
	-X GET \
	-H "User-Agent: HTTPBot-iOS/2022.1.3" \
	-H "Authorization: Bearer <YOURAPIKEY>" \

The quickest method I've come across is to query all current flights on a given server while one is active on said server and search the result for their human-readable username. (For context in the image embedded below, mine is extratone.)

Searching Get Flights Response

See my blog post if you'd like:

...and/or this Shortcut's Issue on my iOS-specific GitHub Repository:

Contact me anytime! Infinite flight users can find my community profile here:

Set your Infinite Flight account's UUID (ID.) (Required - the quickest means I've found to determine this so far is to use to find yourself on the map, hit the button to share your flight, and inspect the URL.)

Because the initial index of user flights is paginated, we need to repeat the main (following) loop for each page of your flight results.