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Swaggatronix @DavidBlue I do hope you realize exactly how up your ass it is to call your blog 'the psalms' right

※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto by up my ass, do you mean blasphemous as hell or..??

I would certainly hope - if you read any of it at all - that you haven’t arrived upon the conclusion that I believe it’s uh… the Bible II?

Swaggatronix @DavidBlue that is exactly the conclusion I reached the minute I read the title, lmao

Swaggatronix @DavidBlue I read some of it and despite your best efforts, your laid back tone and acceptance of your own faults as a human being did little to dissuade me that you thought you were the messiah at some level.


Aug 23 ※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto oh god you don’t want to have this discussino, do you?

David’d whole purpose in the bible is to function as an object of forgiveness. As in, his character trop is “oh fuck I’m sorry I killed my best friend just so I could rape his wife, God, will you really forgive me, this time???”

it is the worst biblical name to be associated with imo. christians like to call the psalms the prettiest book of the old testament, poetically, but only because they won’t read the hebrew


Aug 23 ※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto and it wasn’t even entirely written by david…. who really was just a shitty person.


I thought it was funny and still do, obviously.


Aug 23 Swaggatronix @DavidBlue I don't know what conversation you think I'm having but it wasn't one about theology. I'm saying, quite simply, the name of your blog makes you look like you have a God complex to the casual audience.


Aug 24 ※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto sorry I was just trying to suggest it wouldn’t technically be a god complex but a david complex (which would be a perverse obsession with worshipping god, actually, given that most of the bible book is just hymns praising god.)


Aug 24 Swaggatronix @DavidBlue you're not listening and focused on semantics, and your inability to stop yourself from showing off your anti religious hate boner is pretty gross


Aug 24 ※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto damn… apologies for grossing ya out. sounds like I should stop talking about this now. thank you again for noticing! \o


Aug 23 ※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto honestly, the fact that you acknowledged the title at all is really flattering. even the folks I know who actually do occasionally read my shit never mention it and I”ve always wondered why lol……

I mean it is actually better reading than the book in the old testament, imo, as someone who’s had to pretend to academically study said book at length.

if you ever decide to read and strongly disagree with that, I will try the self-flagellation thing I guess.


Aug 30 ※ David Blue ※ @DavidBlue @cantinto I think I might have found an equally blasphemous blog title.

YIFF 3:16


Aug 30 Swaggatronix @DavidBlue that's just funny, it's not up it's ass at all


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