Input Magazine Guides Pitch

Hey Ray,

I saw your Tweet calling for freelancers to write on the Guides vertical for Input and think I could offer some real value in that regard. I've responded to such requests before from The Outline, but obviously it's been a while. I've been writing guides-ish stuff on my own blog - largely centered around iOS - for the past two years, especially, but would love the opportunity to work under my favorite handset reviewer (not actually kissing ass - just a fact) for perhaps my favorite digital media company in 2022.

The experience I have to cite comes with a particular addendum: it's been a long time since I've published under an actual masthead (not worth dredging up,) but - with a wee bit of editorial guidance, if you can spare it - I believe myself up to performing. If you take the time to read what I'm about to cite, please keep this in mind regarding my tone.

Speedy Frames might be a good one to start with because it explains how I create mocked up screenshots so prolifically, locally, and - notably - using only native iOS processes locally. I've also recently written about Text Replacement and Blink Shell. If those intrigue you, you might find it actually worth your time to just visit the aforelinked software tag on my blog.

Obviously, I'd love to hear back from you. Thanks so much for your time!

David Blue