Brat Mode Ultimate Wishlist for iOS (Mostly iPhone)

The more I’ve learned about iOS as it is today, where it came from, and who develops it this year (since #45,) one will note upon any exploration of my notes than my mind has continued to be “blown,” as they say… Perhaps the most pertinent way to describe these capablities I’ve kept discovering within iOS is that my past self - even just my 2016 self, for that matter - would absolutely never believe they could be done. (I still think running/instantly installing pip packages from a full Linux command line on my fucking iPhone is the most powerfully efficient way to exemplify this.)

At this point, though, I think it would be more useful/insightful/fun now that I’ve been so exposed to the widest breadth possible on this subject to think about/pitch my most unlikely-seeming ideas (largely for software I’d like to see ported from other sources or otherwise built myself…

The (Ongoing) List: