1. noisy confusion and turbulence; “he was awakened by the bluster of their preparations”
  2. a swaggering show of courage
  3. a violent gusty wind
  4. vain and empty boasting


  1. blow hard; be gusty, as of wind; “A southeaster blustered onshore”; “The flames blustered”
  2. show off
  3. act in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner
  1. talk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect you threaten and bluster, but won't carry it through | “I don't care what he says,” I blustered

(of a storm, wind, or rain) blow or beat fiercely and noisily a winter gale blustered against the sides of the house


  1. loud, aggressive, or indignant talk with little effect their threats contained a measure of bluster



  1. he's still blustering and saying that he'll never resort to that

Similar Words: rant thunder boast brag swagger throw one's weight about throw one's weight around be overbearing lord it vaunt bray crow

  1. in winter the storms bluster in from the Mediterranean

Similar Words: blow fiercely blast gust storm roar rush


  1. he sought refuge in bluster and bullying

Similar Words: ranting hectoring thundering threatening threats bullying domineering boasting bragging swaggering throwing one's weight around bombast bravado bumptiousness imperiousness empty threats humbug braggadocio