iOS 15 MacStories Discord Message

Hey guys, I know today is gonna be absurdly busy but I’d love some feedback on a near(ish)-completion project I’ve been working on for the past two months: to review iOS 15 for my family, specifically - as representing the vast majority of iPhone users, I would surmise.

I thought this might have some original insight in contrast to greater tech media’s coverage of new software releases, these days.

My most current draft is missing a few subjects but it’s already… quite long.

On the beta version of my blog:

And - if you absolutely cannot stand my CSS or just want as clear a reading experience as possible - a simplified version:

You can even just listen to Siri Voice 2 read a fairly recent draft if you’d like:

Always appreciate your thoughts, however they may come and however positive or negative they might be. (I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.)

Thank you!