Index by Tag with Drafts Open Links via Siri Shortcuts

Howdy folks. I’ve published a few Drafts-specific Siri Shortcuts on RoutineHub over the (now) years, but I’ve come to realize that one in particular - called List .md Drafts Open Links by Tag - might provide a function not so easily serviced by native actions, especially on iOS. I think I’ve also unintentionally stumbled upon the fastest method by far of simply listing all drafts by a single tag aside from a dedicated workspace configured to do so.

The end result looks like this - an unordered markdown list of every draft in a tag specified at run, including a markdown-formatted hyperlink of each draft’s draft open link:

Shortcuts Tag Index
Shortcuts Tag Index


  1. An Ask for Input action prompts for the case-sensitive name of the tag you’d like to index.
  2. A Search Drafts action retrieves up to 100 drafts (by default) with that tag, sorted (by default) by modified date. Obviously, every option in this action is configurable to your needs.
  3. For each draft result, an item is created in the format - [Title](Open Link).
  4. A Combine Text action combines the resulting items with new lines.
  5. A Create Draft action creates a new draft with the formatted list entitled [tag] - [timestamp].

I hope you all give it a try at least once just to experience how little time the whole cycle takes. Remember that drafts open links work anywhere a hyperlink works, not just in drafts.

I’ve personally found Tot Pocket to be a particularly apt place for this, seen here:

Drafts Index in Tot Pocket
Drafts Index in Tot Pocket

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