Re: X-Callback-URL Support in Tusker

Updated 10102022-134200


I realize it's honestly a bit incredulous that I'm choosing this of all Tusker topics to actually reach out to you about for the first time but...

I happened to catch this at the bottom of the release notes for today's Testflight build:

X-Callback-URL support has been removed.

...and dang... frankly, I was just very very saddened and upset with myself for having managed to miss its implementation in the first place!

This, however, is not a complaint email, nor even a suggestion email, actually. As someone who has only just recently found TREMENDOUS value in X-Callback-URLs and URL schemes in my own day to day computing life, this is actually a recurring experience of mine. I've more or less stopped reaching out to proprietary organizations about it, though. (I'm sure you can imagine why.)

I don't know anything about you except what I've seen in Tusker, and it is more than enough to compel me to ask you, specifically...

Is there some overarching reason why folks have now begun actively removing their X-Callback-URL support instead of (frankly) just forgetting about it?

Obviously, I consider any time of yours spent answering this to be purely a favor, so it does not come with anything like obligation or time-sensitivity.

I am kinda starting to worry about the issue tho lol.