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Gee whiz! What a late email! Sorry we dropped out like that. We're still here, but the newsletter will likely remain discontinued until Spring - sorry about that, too! Remember that you can keep up with our reading list on Discord (http://extratone.com/read) - everything on The Tone first appears there, anyway. I've been looking into a method of embedding the contents of the channel in the site, itself, since at least two of you (https://twitter.com/FickleCrux/status/954122675307405313) would prefer it. Reply to this email if you'd like to chime in with preferences and/or suggestions on how we should go about this.

Since we've been gone... ⊚ The Movie Closet (http://extratone.com/moviecloset) has continued to get better. Check out their Best of 2017 (http://bit.ly/moviecloset66) and Who Would Play You? (http://bit.ly/moviecloset67) episodes. ⊚ Tim and I won't be able to attend True/False (http://bit.ly/futureland24) this year, but Mikel Bass (http://instagram.com/mikel_bass) + the closet crew have gotten their press passes (http://bit.ly/moviecloset70) - keep up with that! ⊚ To celebrate and reward the continuation of innovative web design, we launched (http://bit.ly/bestopen) a list of our Best of The Open Web (http://extratone.com/open) . ⊚ A friend of a friend of ours works for SpaceX, and they have a few things to say about the working conditions within Musk's organization. We're excited to be working on an interview, coming soon! ⊚ I complained about Mark Zuckerberg (http://bit.ly/fuckmeaningful) (again,) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (http://bit.ly/redbillboards) , and my iPhone 8 Plus (http://bit.ly/lastiphone) .

I know enough about Mark to warrant writing, but not all that much about film. Nevertheless, folks seemed to really like what I had to say about Three Billboards. After 10 years with iOS, though, I think I can fairly (if cringily) call myself a "power user." Two years ago, a new generation of social apps and the preposterous notion of a quad-core CPU in my iPhone 6S Plus seemed like the harbinger of a world I no longer understood. Now, most of those services have expanded to the far boundaries of my reach, and I’ve stopped counting chips. Refinement of the hardware design is reverent to the extreme. It’s pretentious, but Apple’s decision to pause on the 8 to consider details like stuffing the legal text in the software and adding a little bit of weight back in for ergonomics’ sake leads one to regard it as a monument to all the devices along the development timeline that have led to this… last triumph.

If not for any other reason, read it for the ridiculously well-snapped photos (thanks to the device, not me.) It'll take us a bit to get our momentum back, but it's good to be back on the right track.

See ya soon, David Blue (http://bilge.world) , Editor-in-Chief


Greetings, dear readers! I know what you’re thinking: what the hell do they want now? Truthfully, I don’t know. Do you know what we want? That would probably help us out a lot…

I’m writing this to somberly inform you that the 2017 Email Awards are (http://bit.ly/2017eawards) , in fact, not dead. I - like you, probably - was under the impression they were just not happening. Of course, that’s because of the overwhelming amount of emails we received, and definitely not for any other reason. https://twitter.com/hawthorn_jr/status/957848725497376769 So, it is my duty to let you know that we’re still hosting The Email Awards this year, with a renewed deadline of Late-ish Spring 2018… whenever that is. Yes! That does mean you can still win loads of potentially amazing/expensive/worthless prizes. All you have to do is submit your favorite email that was sent/received in 2017 to horn@extratone.com (or just reply to this email) to be considered for an award. The judges are still mostly secret, but I know one of them is a weird robot bear I bought at Goodwill the other day. He might also be a prize. I just don’t know.

Alright! Thanks for reading everyone. Please send us some emails. Without them we are nothing.

Dictated but not read, Hawthorn Bradley JR. (http://twitter.com/hawthorn_jr) Senior Tech Editor Still wanting for words? Look for an editor's companion (http://extratone.com/junction) , or keep up with the best digital has to offer, in real time, with our reading list (http://bit.ly/extraread) .

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