Consideration: Formal Press Kit/Brand Guidelines

I know it probably seems like the least relevant thing possible for you devs, right now, but I was wondering/hoping you might be interested in establishing a formal “brand guidelines” page for the whole organization and/or having a conversation about how you would like me to refer to the company, the community, to WriteFreely the CMS, WriteFreely the iOS application, the service, etc. when writing, tweeting, and/or just talking about them with potential new clients.

I would also like to offer my (free) services/assistance with this. I’ve developed quite a habit of “collecting” brand and press kits over the years… [Holy crap I just actually counted for the first time and it is over 500 directories… Jez.] So, while I’ve never been employed as a marketing person and generally find the whole practice quite foul, usually, I certainly should (theoretically) be familiar enough with professional branding to whip up something that is both ultra-pro and yet still distinctly and intimately of the values I know this organization holds.

BUT… Wouldn’t it be even cooler if we sortof all did it together, here? Lots of ideas on all of this, but yeah.

For now, I’d just like to know how the team feels about this. If it’s something you’d rather have an actual ultra-pro leverager brandy man do, please trust me when I insist that my feelings will not be hurt. As always, I just want the outcome that is maximally beneficial.