Opera Browser App Store Review

Speed and Frugality Are no Joke

I have absolutely no idea how - considering all browsers on iOS are WebKit based - but this is by far the fastest browser on this operating system. If speed is truly your number one priority above all other considerations when browsing the web, here ya go. Frankly, I've continued to be bewildered for years, now, as to why general tech media has not mentioned Opera - or its "gaming browser" experimental counterpart, Opera GX - if not for any other reason than to chide it. It's one of the few interesting questions within the subject of web browsing software at the moment. Unfortunately, Opera is literally the only browser on iOS I've found with absolutelv zero Bluetooth keyboard support. I use a hardware keyboard with my iPhone every day, so it is pretty much a non-option for me.
()Hey devs: you ever have a rainy day or something, look into UlKeyCommand.)