Personal MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts Configuration


⌘5 TAD-Load Action Group - ThoughtAsylum - Power User ⌘6 TAD-Load Action Group - ThoughtAsylum - Export/Import/Share ⌘2 TAD-Load Action Group - ThoughtAsylum - Management ⌘3 TAD-Load Action Group - ThoughtAsylum - Writing ⌘4 TAD-Load Action Group - ThoughtAsylum ⌘R TAD-Reload Draft ⇧⌘K TAD-Action Menu ⇧⌃⌘⇥ TAD-Trash Note ⌃⇥ TAD-Toggle Last Two Modified Drafts ⌥⌘← TAD-Load Previous Workspace ⌥⌘→ TAD-Load Next Workspace ⇧U TAD-Select and Process MD Link ⇧⌥A TAD-Select All Content ⌥↑ TAD-Jump to End of Previous Line ⌥↓ TAD-Jump to Start of Next Line ⇧⌃T TAD-Insert ⌘D TAD-Duplicate Draft and Load ⌃⌥⌘D TAD-Duplicate Draft in Background ⌘L TAD-MD-Lines to Bullet List (*) ⌃⌥N TAD-New Draft from Selection ⇧P TAD-Prime Preview MMD ⌃P TAD-Preview with Syntax Highlighting ⇧⌥P TAD-Exploded Markdown Preview ⌥Q TAD-Preview Clipboard ⇧⌥S TAD-Replace with Synonym ⇧⌥F Find ⌃⌥T Tasks ⌘] Indent ⌘[ Outdent ⌃  Toggle Theme ⌃⌘H Markdown Header (#) ⌘B Markdown Bold (**) ⌘I Markdown Emphasis (_) ⌘K Markdown Link ⌥⌘P Preview ⌘U URL to Markdown Link ⌃⌘H Markdown Header (#) ⌘B Markdown Bold (**) ⌘I Markdown Emphasis (_) ⇧⌘L Markdown List ⌘K Markdown Link ⌘P Swiss Preview ⇧I TAD-Show Draft Info ⌥  TAD-Toggle App Theme ⌥T TAD-Toggle Typewriter Mode ⌘/ TAD-Search Actions ⇧⌘D TAD-Fetch URL Content to New Draft ⌘O TAD-File Import With Tags ⌥C Copy ⇧⌥M Email to myself ⌘S Share ⌥⌘S Save to Files as… ⇧⌘B Send to Bear ⇧⌥O Save to OneNote