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[20-44-2021 06:44 AM] David Blue#1917

Hey guys, this is definitely a sensitive subject for me, you might say (lol,) so - before I reply - I want to ask for your validation right quick.

If you can/are willing/would like to read both my question and the “Framework Engineer”’s answer in their entirety and share your thoughts on whether or not it was answered/anything else… I’d very much appreciate it.

[20-38-2021 08:38 AM] lightningxcookie#0469 The answer you got seems like a non-answer. To me it feels like a typical Apple PR comment where what they really mean is “no comment” or “what you’re looking for doesn’t exist”. I assume the latter is true in this case, which is unfortunate.

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[20-04-2021 11:04 AM] David Blue#1917 thanks for reading it! alright… thanks you to you, I have achieved Validated Status and am ready to begin Tearing Framework Engineer an Entirely New Digestive System.

[20-42-2021 11:42 AM] koshakji#0791 I don’t see what’s wrong with the answer they gave. They said you don’t need unique iPhone considerations, what exactly do you want/expect them to do?

[20-43-2021 11:43 AM] koshakji#0791 If there’s no more documentation than the things they shared, there’s no more documentation. I don’t see what they did wrong

[20-44-2021 11:44 AM] David Blue#1917 it’s not about doing things right or wrong… I was joking about the beef lol. nobody owes me anything… I’d just like to figure out how I can get them to see it’d be to their advantage to check again.

[20-44-2021 11:44 AM] David Blue#1917 on this, specifically, they need to uh… check again. there are definite differences in support between the two devices.

[20-50-2021 11:50 AM] David Blue#1917 I would also just like to not have to write all the keyboard shortcuts tables myself, ya know? I’ve been doing it for years but there’s only so much I can do with just blind testing. I keep discovering new shortcuts that would have been really nice to know about uh… 10 years ago.

[20-51-2021 11:51 AM] David Blue#1917 On that note, Shift + ⌘ + ][ doing some real crazy shit on Safari rn if anyone wants to try it lol

[20-51-2021 01:51 PM] koshakji#0791 I guess you do you, but I feel like you’re overreacting to a support person providing the answer they can provide

[20-33-2021 03:33 PM] David Blue#1917 I don’t want to do anything but bring the issue to light, right? im not trying to receive something… I’m trying to encourage this person to wonder why there aren’t any docs… maybe ask their boss.

[20-34-2021 03:34 PM] David Blue#1917 now if the answer to that question is I don’t care… that would be problematic.

[20-07-2021 04:07 PM] mvan231#3698 Seems like this conversation is not shortcuts related anyway

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[21-43-2021 10:43 AM] Matthew Cassinelli#1704 I agree, let's keep these channels related to the topic at hand @David Blue

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[21-47-2021 10:47 AM] Matthew Cassinelli#1704 I also do want to emphasize that railing against support people is not the kind of thing I want to do in this community. Griping against people who don't have almost any influence on the system isn't okay, even if its framed as being in jest – I want to foster an environment where feedback from this community is notoriously positive and constructive

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[21-12-2021 11:12 AM] David Blue#1917 received and understood ✅

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