Wow… So sorry about that first take, town. It looks like this is going to be a zero-media blog, which will probably be really good for me, actually.

Maybe just a timestamp for a title, how about that? (Btw, all my timestamps are in DavodTime,™ which is not actually trademarked.)

Hello again, Town. Since I last posted here, I’ve actually engaged in the forum, written a wee bit at the end of Town Graffiti, and even engaged some with Town Chat. I’ve also updated my page quite extensively with all sorts of local links. A Mastodon friend called my App Store reviews index a “really cool idea,” but it actually reflects an inexcusable level of negligence, on my part.

As always, I’m working on far too many things at once, and I definitely do not want This Post to become another one. Perhaps I should ban hyperlinks in the future? I don’t know… here’s a hyperlink to where you can respond: p̯e̶ḝ̴̸̡̢̦͖̺̐͟͢͞͞.

So, so many years have passed since the last time I spent any extended periods sitting in an IRC chat. I’m sure you’ve heard that a billion times, but - unlike most other modern chat settings, imo - I think TildeTown is one of the few places where IRC genuinely makes sense over any other protocol. In my in-progress guide to using Blink Shell with Tilde.Town, I described WeeChat’s “onboarding process” (forgive me) as dubitable (see below.)

The IRC client TildeTown uses is called WeeChat and - especially if it’s been as long for you as it had been for me - you might find (as I did) learning the ropes to be a bit dubitable. I’ve duplicated the full User Guide for your consideration. I got stuck at the concept of switching buffers, so my Big Pro hint is to start off running /buffer 1 followed by help.

Kool Terms

Retrieved in a jiffy with Terminology x Drafts. <3



  1. open to doubt or suspicion; “the candidate’s doubtful past”; “he has a dubious record indeed”; “what one found uncertain the other found dubious or downright false”; “it was more than dubitable whether the friend was as influential as she thought”- Karen Horney



  1. evident without proof or argument; “an axiomatic truth”; “we hold these truths to be self-evident”


Before removing the images from this post and re-uploading it, I added the primer for my work-in-progress Public Domain-equivalent content license (which is both every bit as much of a joke as it seems and yet also intended for actual use,) a dedicated root directory for the full ed manual, and another for a duplicate of the WriteFreely for iOS app’s documentation.

You might have noticed - I also overwrote the CSS for this blog completely with a direct copy-and-paste from The Psalms’ CSS. Feel free to publicly berate me regarding this decision, as always.