Facebook Exceeding Limits of Usability



Wow. Opinion on a social media service this early in the game?


I have used a lot of online services for a very long time, ok? Instead of maintaining friendships in sixth grade, I was beta testing Skype. I've been using iOS since 2008. (Imagine being regularly asked “what is that?” of the iPhone in your hand. A different time, I think.) This is one of many things that I repeat often to people who don't particularly care, but I do genuinely believe it is remarkable enough to warrant a more detailed exploration in another URL in the future.

Probably the one service I've checked every day consistently for as long as I've been around is Twitter, which recently announced “oh shit” status in regards to its lack of growth and unhappy investors.

I can tell you, though, that for someone like me, it is nearly faultless, which is incredibly rare. I cannot fathom the intuitive obstacles which longtime Facebook users claim to face when they give it a go, as it is (and always has been) ridiculously simple in comparison. Such extensive use on my part makes my bias, though, as its systems have likely been ingrained into my psyche more deeply than very little else, familial or otherwise.

I'll make a solid claim for an extraordinary ability to quickly learn and understand UI as a result of so much software use throughout my youth. As I observed Facebook for iOS' Version 56.0 in my available updates list today, reflected upon my attempts to deliver Extratone's Facebook Page, and remembered a friend's recent comment on Facebook Live's newly-attained superiority over Periscope, I felt compelled to finally address (read: complain about) this Mammoth Net Menace.

Without stats on use, lets assume that the vast majority of Facebook accounts are dormant - everybody's either dead, or using the service as a sort of address book for old friends and acquaintances. I think this is its most reasonable and unique function by far, and it obviously warrants millions to keep an account.

Assuming the majority of the millions are mostly ignorant regarding their smartphone's data/resource usage, just imagine how much heat is being created by totally irrelevant background processes. Imagine the potential drag on our infrastructure Facebook could be responsible for.

Unlike sane app developers, Facebook's codemonkeys are required to come up with a new release every week. I can't even begin to impart the scale of the consequences of such misincentive.

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