"iPhone 12 Pro Max"

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Consider incorporating #21 into this piece. (Keep gettin bigger tho...) @extratone

Some related links

Remember to organize and properly index all iPhone photography across Google Photos. @extratone

Apparently I'm going to have to go back and find what Twitter has deleted from the iPhone 12 Pro Max Twitter Moment because Moments have a silent 98 Tweet limit. I'm going to have to gather them as well as what's left of the Moment, currently, and migrate the Tweets to this collection. (Yes, that's a shortlink.)

Apparently, the only way to accomplish this is to do it through Tweetdeck, so this is definitely a task that's going to have to be done on desktop. @extratone

Add my iOS Twitter List to Wiki. @extratone

Twitter Collection Embed Code

<a class="twitter-timeline" data-theme="light" href="https://twitter.com/NeoYokel/timelines/1354848736350973953?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">iPhone 12 Pro Max - Curated tweets by NeoYokel</a> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


I've actually been posting related """"pics"""" on a brand new Instagram account for some reason. @extratone

"iOS Apps for Superusers"

A list of apps for those of us who want to explore just how much we can do with our fucking phones.

iOS Apps for Superusers” (Apple Notes) @extratone


My iPhone Wallpapers Shared Folder

I can't believe I've missed commenting this all this time... The Mapaper map images, especially, are too beautiful to miss!

image @extratone

A google drive folder of particularly attractive (but somewhat out of date) wallpapers. @extratone

The Psalms' New Telegram Channel

I've created yet another Telegram channel that I'm going to attempt to use to share related media/documentation/minutia as I have been here but in a slightly different format. I thought I would try it because 1.) I want to take more advantage of Telegram, generally and 2.) I should avoid using GitHub as a file sharing service, and using Telegram as a substitution when particular challenges become an issue might actually stick. @extratone

MKBHD IN THE WEEDS And here I was thinking myself original in going longform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7J9aMy_CFk

This kid is pretty fucking good at this, you noticed?


image image

Pocket Casts on the Windows Desktop...

Screenshot_2021-03-06 iPhone 12 Pro Max - Geekbench Browser
Screenshot_2021-03-06 iPhone 12 Pro Max - Geekbench Browser


I was worried that having the sideloaded shit on there and running on a dev beta build was slowing the phone down, but I just recorded the best of the three Geekbench 5 runs I've ever put the phone through lol.

The State of Notetaking With Git Integration on iOS

This was originally intended as a response to a post on the Obsidian forums, but apparently it included too many hyperlinks for one's post there, so trying to post it got my account suspended. (lol)

Regarding Git on iOS, I just wanted to pop in and and share Working Copy since it wasn't mentioned.

I've spent the past eight or nine months playing around with Git as integrated into the entirety of my writing/notetaking/curating/documenting process. (here's the primary subject repo, if you're curious, but there's nothing particularly special about anything I've done with it so far.)

in the past three months, especially, this has involved working more on my new iPhone than I have since community college, when my iPhone 4 was my only computer for three semesters. (that is a good story lol)

I think I have a fairly good picture of Git on iOS, specifically, after all the reading and testing (screwing around) I've done.

here are the bullet points:

Personally, I would rather go through the hassle to write in Bear and export to Working Copy every once in a while than any other workflow I've found yet because I love how both apps look and work, but maybe I'm just superficial lol. @extratone

On Widgets (Voice Notes)

MP3 File in Repo

On Whyp


Most Intriguing Apps

An ongoing list of links to iOS apps, App Stories, and greater media coverage.

The Gist is probably the best way to keep up with this at the moment. (Here's a shortlink: http://bit.ly/dbintrigue)

I’ve privately maintained a list like this for as long as I can remember, to be honest, but it’s never been particularly useful to others until now. Though it’ll probably never be alphabatized, standardized, or comprehensively annotated, it will be kept relatively up-to-date - certainly for the duration of my iPhone 12 Pro Max long review.


App Stories

Apps in Tech Media

iOS Apps to Watch

Note: I basically just copied this from a note that hadn't been modified in years. Suffice it to say, you should probably check versioning dates before downloading any of them.

Here's a link to my Notion Wallpapers database, filtered for just iPhone wallpapers. @extratone


Ultra-Wholesome Routinehub Profile


iJustine's 10 Years of iPhones video is an important one to include





The original Tweet



Matthew Cassinelli's "How To Get Started With Shortcuts" video



App Stories Episode 209 My Tweet @extratone

Scan Thing


App Store


image @extratone

Apple Support Scam Call

Whyp Link

Audio file in the repo

I finally received the Apple Support scam call I asked for for Christmas!

The end result wasn't all that exciting - she hung up as soon as I asked her which iCloud account of mine she was referring to.

It almost certainly doesn't matter, but here are the two numbers involved.

The number of the caller: +1 (800) 297-2199 The number from which I received an RDP invite link via SMS: +1 (844) 334-6022 @extratone

iPhone for the Visually Impaired

Visually impaired iPhone use (Reddit Video) The original Tweet



LIDAR Scan Example

LIDAR Scan Video (Reddit) @extratone

image @extratone

Voice Notes Raindrop Feed

I don't know why it took me until now to realize I could have been using a Raindrop collection as a feed for my audio notes.









MKBHD on why his daily driver is a 12 Pro and not a 12 PM

Timestamp YouTube link