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in Portland, you can redeem a limited number of glass bottles/aluminum cans/(?) at certain private businesses (like the grocery store in which I worked) per day and get city ('m guessing) cash on the spot. I don't remember the rate but the maximum ends up being just less than $15 for approximately one shopping cart full of (bagged) litter. during regular business hours, our store basically had to have two dedicated employees for this, sawing slowly away at a line largely made up of non-sheltered people sometimes stretching all the way from the cooler to the store's secondary entrance (30-100+ inevitably exhausted looking souls, at least half of them recognizable regulars.) ((part of the policy insists that each litter item be counted by hand, apparently.))

I don't think I talked to any Portland citizen (mostly co-workers) who did not respond to my with some variation of "well, it works!" even as we sat right by that secondary entrance, surrounded wetGB B

but a single hot summer workday at that store for someone with any sort of empathic e

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