Pile of hair and dogs, fossil connoisseur, awful at Mario Kart 🍄 Nothing serious, Leftist She/ Her

What are you doing back in Columbia in your return to origin funk

living with and working for my 70 year old mom. she runs a therapy practice out of her house and I mostly pretend to be useful. my only real function is snuggling the two snuggliest dogs I’ve ever raised, though, which really is more professionally satisfying than anything else I’ve tried to do.

here’s the thing… MUSEUM(!?), Dancing(!), Leftist, Aquarius, Dogs… that combination is not well-served round these parts. I very might well got just what u need. I want to apologize on behalf of this place that The Social Room is as close to a dance establishment as we’ve gotten since the 90s…

I am all of the above listed attributes, what do you share? Very snuggly dogs I, too, have a couple of snuggle dogs

I am an Aquarius drawn to academics (though I am distinctly not one and seem to mostly make them nervous, these days.

I don't usually go around saying "I love dancing" but I definitely do... move a lot.. and distinctly (at the moment) need to actually be intentional about singing aloud to music again, I've recently realized. all of my adult friends are independent electronic musicians, basically. I poured every last bit of my young professional gumption (and money) throughout the first half of my twenties trying to create an independent electronic music magazine to finally give them a reference to gather around. my now-ex-best-friend is literally the only working local DJ who.... is actually what the rest of the world calls "DJ." he goes by Bhd the DJ, now.

what I'm really trying to communicate: electronic music is one of the very last joys of my life and every day I feel closer to some kind of huge, dramatic event where I drop everything and become the absolute Festival Bro I now see within myself. I am ashamed to confess that I thought I was the clearer-headed one, all that time.

as far as politics go, I have ended up among the radical left, technically, but not in the sense that I have Big Ideas about how society should be organized that I absolutely need to communicate to you. but oh my god it would be nice to have more than just one local friend around whom I can say things like "what if 'growth' for growth's sake isn't always the healthiest ride-or-die creed for an organization to prioritize above all other considerations?" or "what if we opened up that needlessly huge, empty lobby in the city hall building up for non sheltered people after close or else we don't get to use the phrase 'public building'?" (apparently I have ideas after all lol) .... and not be met by just blind zeal for utterly delusional billionaires.

... actually I guess it's not even about what is expressed... sorry, I should explain that I have spent more time corresponding with Tech Fuckers, more or less inevitably in the past two years than I ever imagined I would, certainly, which has literally got me on blood pressure meds lol.

oh yeah! and I have also been doing the casual thing, recently, and am proud to offer the option of quality services with the promise of absolutely impeccable expectation management.

... maybe I should've begun with that.