Nevermore Appreciation Thread

Updated 07142022-213715

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Nevermore appreciation thread. (ŌŌ(xxxÍxxx)ŌŌ)


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-the only consistent part of my life for the past three years -has been there through [big trauma] and FIVE GIRLFRIENDS

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-my one true home for years -the only safe storage of all my most important items

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after all these years of disrepair: -still gets to 60 in less than six seconds every time it's required -still has not "lost" a "race"

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continues to prove locals are fucking idiots every day by: -towing $60K Jeeps out of the snow -regularly smoking kids in trashy Mustangs

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-looks better and more tasteful than your car -outperforms your car in comfort & performance -50% or less of what you paid for your car.

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drunk pro-Jaguar rant over for tonight. see you all later.

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