Family Tech Support Intro

Hey guys! I thought I’d give you some time to turn “Hide Alerts” on for this group message, but now I suppose I can explain what I’m trying to do here.

If you’ve been wondering what on Earth I’ve been doing with my time this year, the answer is largely learning to help people with their technology. Frankly, I’m still not very good at it - I know I’m much too wordy and tend to confuse easily - but I’m personally very grateful to have finally begun realizing what it means to add value to others’ lives, despite how long it took.

One huge realization I’ve had about Apple products, specifically, is that Apple has completely departed reality in terms of how the vast majority of its customers use their devices day-to-day. I have already done a lifetime’s worth of editorializing (complaining) about this, and have realized that my time would be more productively spent helping those closest to me understand the tangible results manifested as changes to their phones.

So to be clear: this chat is not for David to complain at abstract length about consumer technology. I’m going to do my best to be as simple as possible, but please feel free to call me out if I slip.

What I WOULD like to do is answer questions like Amber’s (much more promptly than I did) and eventually discuss the upcoming release of iOS 15 (in the next few weeks, by most estimates) in frank terms.