Jackson Tan Cold Email

avalanche.social.official@gmail.com Inquiry about Covering/Documenting Avalanche From: David Blue davidblue@extratone.com To: avalanche.social.official@gmail.com Date: Mon, Jul 19, 2021, 07:16 Hello Mr. Tan! I’ve spent the past several weeks in the pursuit of crafting “The State of Mastodon iOS Apps,” but finally forced myself to just publish what I had on Saturday night knowing it would/will continue to be updated as I gather new information. A friend of mine discovered your app, Avalanche, some time ago, and has been testing for a while. Unfortunately, I failed to actually see the message they sent about it until just yesterday – definitively too late to make it in the first draft – but I’m sure you can imagine that it made quite a first impression! Having poked around in the same spaces from which I’d gathered documentation/image assets for all the other apps (mostly Git Repositories, but a few very welcome Press Kits, too,) my impression is that you are uninterested in talking/sharing publicly about the development process. If that’s an accurate assessment and you aren’t interested in talking with me, I understand, but if you read the guide as is now and feel a desire to have your app mentioned on the guide or perhaps just in the GitHub list/document hub I also created in tandem to help interested users, I’d love to know its particular development story/the details behind that one- of-a-kind look! Either way, thank you for your time, for your investment in federated social, generally, and good luck! David Blue Twitter | Masto | Other Social 1/1

TestFlight message

2021-07-27-21.37.04 This is not feedback about the app’s development.


So sorry for misusing this communication system, but I reached out to avalanche.social.gmail.com on the 19th and hadn’t heard back. I’m reaching out as one of a loose group of mastodon users who have been making an effort to properly curate/aggregate information about all third-party Mastodon clients at github.com/extratone/FediiOS.

Avalanche is such a unique experience and we would just very much like to hear from you.

I do have one piece of useful feedback: be advised that the “Developer Website” hyperlink on this Testflight is a dead link.

I promise this is the last time I will be cold contacting you - we/I more than understand if you’re busy/uninterested.

My third-party Mastodon iOS app showcase: https://bilge.world/mastodon-ios-apps

To reach me: davidblue@extratone.com DavidBlue@mastodon.social +1 (573) 823-4380

Thank you for your time and your investment in the Fediverse