Five Point Oh

Raindrop.io 5.0
Last major update of web apps happen many years ago, internally they aged really bad: slow, inflexible and hard to extend. They need complete refresh! Today I'm very excited to launch what I have been working on for the past half of the year!

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I'm not sure I've ever gone from finding out about a service's existence to becoming a paid subscriber of said service as fast as I did with Raindrop.

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That is... scraping and/or capturing the contents of one's bookmarked webpages as thoroughly as possible.

  • Notably - separate from Google Search's caching and Safari's localizing Reading List - Raindrop's page capturing process seems to be designed to craft the "Permanent Copy" final product to be as indistinguishable from its living web counterpart as possible, almost like archive.org's.



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