"Write.as Platform Guidelines"

Updated 07232022-134426

-"Write.as Platform Guidelines"

These guidelines apply to the entire Write.as platform. For the Read Write.as section of the platform, see our Public Community Guidelines.

We are an open community for everyone to share their thoughts freely. Write.as provides a platform that keeps your identity safe, and stands up for free expression.

While Write.as is flexible enough to find tons of uses, we made it for a few things in particular. In order to help us stay true to our principles and focus on improving the platform (instead of policing it), and to protect the reputation of other writers, we ask that everyone publishing here abide by a few basic policies.

Use Write.as for this

Don't use Write.as for this

How we handle platform violations

In most cases, we will *limit the reach- of violating content on Write.as, instead of outright deleting it, to be sure no innocent content is lost. This could mean taking technical measures to remove the content from either search engines or all readers who aren't the author. In cases of blatant and obvious abuse, such as when we detect automated publishing activity, we will remove the posts without warning. We'll also take all technical means possible to prevent similar behavior in the future, including:

If you feel we've wrongfully flagged you, we're happy to listen to your appeal and quickly get you back online if needed.


We'll announce any major changes to this policy on our Twitter account. *[SEO]: Search Engine Optimization