Mastodon Thread ⇨ Markdown Shortcut

Updated 03092023-202552


here's a relatively rudimentary shortcut I created to copy the text contents of Mastodon threads, combined. #Shortcuts.

Copy the contents of Mastodon post descendants in markdown.

This shortcut uses the statuses endpoint of the Mastodon API to gather the contents (and only the contents) of a single Mastodon post and all of its "descendants." It converts the HTML result of the content variable to markdown format via native Shortcuts actions, combines the converted results of the original (top, target) post followed by that of any replies in chronological order.

Notably, it does not include any metadata for the posts, including attribution. I created it specifically to copy release note threads like the example shown below. Consider it a template for your own use!


The shortcut result when run on this url:

If you are a [#MastoAdmin](, you can make your default [#Mastodon]( UI look like kinda exactly like [#Twitter](

Source: []( [#CSS]( [#WebDev](

The default Mastodon UI dark theme doesn't have those dropdowns and emoji pickers and other panels dark. I'm changing that with my own deep purple spice. [#CSS]( [#MastoAdmin](

Released v1.0.6:

\- Fix video-player alignment  
\- Improve mobile bottom bar spacing  
\- Lists view styles  
\- Notification styles


[#CSS]( [#MastoAdmin]( [#WebDev](

The bottom bar on mobile turned out pretty nicely. :bunhdheart: [#CSS]( [#MastodonUI]( [#UI]( [#Mobile](

[@rolle]( I think you nailed the replica pretty well! I personally don't like the Mastodon color scheme but it can always be changed out with Twitter's or a custom one.

[@crafti]( Thanks! Yeah, the default Mastodon UI is kidna clunky. It works, but needs a little bit of polishing. Glad Mastodon is open source and it's a good thing that I'm a CSS wizard. :wizard_01:

[@rolle]( I tweak Pleroma's or Misskey's UI as well, for minor fixes and adjustments. It's great to have websites still themable.

[@crafti]( Yeah, theming is the best activity :blobDance:

[@rolle]( Thank you for that, I've just installed the theme on my (single user) instance.

[@nathalie]( You're welcome, I hope you like it.

[@rolle]( Hei [@husku]( miten ois? :eliitti_mursu:

[@VPSuuronen]( [@husku]( Moni ei tykkää siitä miltä Twitter näyttää, koska mitä se edustaa ja ymmärrän sen. Mutta itse olen niin tottunut tietynlaiseen ja Mastodonin oletuskäyttis on vähän vanhankantaisen oloinen, joten halusin tehdä tästä modernimman. Saa käyttää.

Aion kehittää eteenpäin aktiivisesti, kun tämä on nyt päivittäisessä käytössä. Päivitys on vähän rasittavaa kun Custom CSS:ssä on viivettä.

[@VPSuuronen]( [@rolle](

En lämpee :/

Tietty jos porukalla muodostatte jonkun lynkkausmobin ja odottelette soihtujen kanssa kun ajelen töistä kotiin niin voin harkita.

[@rolle]( Yeah, and with the [@GIMP]( you can put a Hitler moustache on almost anybody 🤣

I'll get my coat

[@martinvermeer]( [@GIMP]( 😳

[@rolle]( the question is though: why would/should you do such thing to Mastodon?

[@teeko]( Good question. I think Twitter's UI (before the font blunder and all) is really polished whereas the default Mastodon UI is kinda clunky. It's good that in [#Fediverse]( there's is freedom to choose.

[@teeko]( The extended answer: [](

[@rolle]( omg... I could not for the life of me find the documentation on how to change the UI theme. am I just dumb or?

[@DavidBlue]( Mastodon does not have UI themes option for users. Only instance admin can install this for all users by using Custom CSS feature. As I'm the admin of my instance I can edit everything freely. But on you're out of luck.

However, on your current browser (Chrome) you can enable it like this: [](

But this won't help you on mobile I'm afraid.

[@rolle]( I was actually referring to the admin side. thank you!

[@DavidBlue]( I see you are commenting from The instructions for instance admins can be found in the README.

[@rolle]( End users can also also use the CSS with one of the userstyles browser extensions ([#Stylus]( or [#Stylish](

[@rolle]( why would one do this?

[@d4m13n]( [](