Howdy folks! I'm David Blue and I'm excited to be able to support you guys. I'm living in Columbia, Missouri and have been doin freelance Support/Admin stuff for local private med/psych practices, writing on my own about little tools & tech media, and reading deeper and deeper down some pretty banal avenues. I wanted to sum up my history with some of your specific bylines, but brevity ghosted me a long time ago so I'll save it for a more appropriate context. Basically, I'm just glad to have a means of financially supporting your journey down this show's particular vein. I think I might be able to be even more helpful as a semi-authority in running an independent digital media company on a budget so please feel free to hmu at any time. (Especially about writing/publishing tools.) Feeling useful in amplifying genuinely original voices is my drug of choice.

I had just made the decision to drop my very young career as an auto journalist entirely and launch an online electronic music magazine right around the time The Outline's coming soon page first went up. I'd been following Josh closely since Engadget when I was like… 14… and still get caught up in his new media ideas for whatever reason lol. Without going into further unsolicited detail… Basically, I ended up weirdly invested in what The Outline was trying to do but I'm glad to have the opportunity to engage with you guys apart from that project in a context where you have more creative control.

I wanna offer my services as someone who's recently spent several years trying to run a digital media project on a virtually non-existent budget… I learned a lot about the fringe which may or may not be useful without coming out the other side an evangelical linux/crypto/whatever bro. I'm compelled to amplify genuinely original voices, but I remain pitifully bad at it, so anything I can help with would actually be a personal favor to me lol.

one more thing, sorry: y'all's bylines are on some of my favorite internet writing, ever - a lot of which has been in the particular vein you guys seem to be on for this show, so!!!!