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This originally started out as a description of the drug 2 put on my site that i never got around to finishing. anyway, i was peaked at the time this was written. I was 16, and still high when my dad came back... i wuz lucky though, he didn't notice... 2 clear up a few things, chris is a friend, jesse is a guy with the same name as me who's my dealer. On to the rambling:

DMX High:

kinda cool. dont do this unless your experienced with other drugs. I keep forgetting to breath and chew. u basically get drunk for the first little while. After that. you lose controdl of you body. it reealy fuckecd up. im writing while im stoned on it. this is weird. i barfed. it was gross. i saw things that i dont remeber eating. you loose control of your body. its weird. im afraid im going to stop breating and die i hope i dont do that. god i hope i dont do that. god isnt real. gods an asshole. this is .ike a diary of a madman. ozzy osbourne. this is fukced. dtom is cool. my head is twitching. im in no control. i want the drug to go away now. my dads gonna be home anytime soon so make it go away. i wanted to see calvin today but i got too tired. so i sat down on the old bathtub and looked at the grass. i have been typing like an idiot. i hope this stuff goes away soon. my eyes have been bulgy for along time and i feel like im gettting taller now. when i shake my head i trip. dont try to write descriptions of highs when your high. its not a good idea i cant do this much longer. my brain has a weight on ti. my fingers are of their own. i talk like a guy from the 50s. the monitors shrunk. bad high man. bad high. hey chris. im gonna send this to you. my chair is getting really tal and my maonitor is goin away. that f22 game is cool. can i borrow it. i want 2 copy it and sell it to gordon for 10 bucks. and my keyboard isnt real for some reason nothing is real right now and my head is on something by something thin an i feel like mr. mcaky when he was doing drugs and his head floated away and he was like helllo boys, r u staying out of trouble. yes mr. macky. ok then, bye. im just gonna float over here now. im insane. these are the words of guy who is a loser is not having a good time right now. jesse sold him druggs and now drgs are playing with jesse. jesse is not jesse. drugs r jesse. im not. jesse. bye. birdies.