Duplicating My (Overwhelmingly Positive) Mastodon Experience


When I’ve gotten other folks to talk at all about their Mastodon experiences, almost all of them have at least one pet happening, personality, or general cultural gripe to cite. I think it’s quickly becoming the prime obstacle in my one-on-one conversations about Mastodon, at least. My personal experience, notably, has been completely exempt of all these experiences I’ve heard so far - I have literally only been compelled to unfollow less than 5 accounts in the round 5 years I’ve been a daily user. Also important: My “social media methodology” is very indiscriminate. I follow anyone who says anything remotely interesting or entertaining as soon as I see it, pretty much, and then never leave them alone.

Anyway, it recently occurred to me that I could literally offer an exact duplicate of my personal Mastodon experience very easily thanks to Tootsuite’s import/export function. The CSV files of my most recent Following list and Lists… list… are both now linkable in a public GitHub Repo.

Hypothetically, I could instruct a potential new user to make a test account and import these files, but - as I understand it - this process would be a pretty significant happening, both for backend server considerations and for actual users involved. I think I can surmise all on my own that it’s probably not something I would offer more than 5–10 people, ever, though as of this moment, my realistic chances of finding a single one actually willing to do it seem all but non existent.

Obviously, I thought it very important to consult the community, first, for two primary considerations:

  1. Is this gonna fucking break everything, admins?
  2. Users… potentially those I follow right now who would be followed by a brand new account - along with nearly 700 others across the fediverse - all at once… How do you feel about this?

Also, howdy forum! <3