fsutil wim

fsutil wim

Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10

Provides functions to discover and manage Windows Image (WIM)-backed files.


fsutil wim [enumfiles] <drive name> <data source>
fsutil wim [enumwims] <drive name>
fsutil wim [queryfile] <filename>
fsutil wim [removewim] <drive name> <data source>


Parameter Description
enumfiles Enumerates WIM backed files.
<drive name> Specifies the drive name.
<data source> Specifies the data source.
enumwims Enumerates backing WIM files.
queryfile Queries if the file is backed by WIM, and if so, displays details about the WIM file.
<filename> Specifies the filename.
removewim Removes a WIM from backing files.


To enumerate the files for drive C: from data source 0, type:

fsutil wim enumfiles C: 0

To enumerate backing WIM files for drive C:, type:

fsutil wim enumwims C:

To see if a file is backed by WIM, type:

fsutil wim queryFile C:\Windows\Notepad.exe

To remove the WIM from backing files for volume C: and data source 2, type:

fsutil wim removewims C: 2

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