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Hello! I'm sure there's a very simple solution to this, but I'm at the absolute beginning of learning automation, so I'd appreciate the help! I'm needing to automate my prescription process, which currently involves scanning paper prescriptions (my practice management software provider keeps promising that fully electronic prescribing is coming, but it's not ready yet - plus I've got a big backlog of paper scripts anyway), and was wondering how best to do that. Essentially the process is that I scan in the script, then it needs to be emailed to a particular pharmacy (which varies depending on the patient), with a notification to the patient that it's been sent. I then need to post the original script to the pharmacy, but I want to focus on the "doing things with the scanned image" part first. I guess I could set something to watch the folder that things get scanned into, and then... do stuff with the things... that's as far as I've gotten. Even a starting point to build the rest on would be really great!

ah okay. (it looks like I don’t have permission to create threads, which is fine.)

oh shucks okay. (I’d also like to note that I work for a one-person private therapy practice and have been trying to integrate shortcuts into our stuff. that’s why I’m particularly interested in helping.)

we also have an HP office printer that is the bane of my existence. actually scanning the documents on macOS isn’t really something shortcuts would help with, imo, but the next two steps:

  1. Email script to particular pharmacy
  2. Send notification to patient that script has been sent to pharmacy

...those might be made smoother by shortcuts. are you sending the patient notifications over SMS or Email?

Okay, now I've got a chance to tell you what stuff I use - I'll tell you about the whole suite of things (as far as I can remember), even if they're not directly relevant to this particular issue. I have a lot of stuff I'd LIKE to use, but (other than Drafts, which I've already mentioned), I use a telehealth platform called Coviu (which is web based), and use Audio Hijack to record sessions in case I miss anything (it's meant to offer call recording within itself, but it's really janky). I was wanting to use Loopback to route audio to to make neat hopefully-accurate-ish-enough-to-find-what-I-need transcripts, and take some cognitive load off notetaking, but I haven't set that up yet. Right now my email/work calendar is on a really basic ISP hosted exchange server - I'm wanting to transfer to a proper Microsoft hosted thing, particularly because their health offerings look pretty cool, but I don't know if I'll stick with that forever. I have a fairly basic efax service that just pipes things into my reception email address (since a lot of medical people still use fax for some reason), and a VOIP service through Vonage that also just pipes all the voicemails and associated transcripts to my reception email address.

Which is probably a good time to mention that my admin staff needed to finish up quite abruptly about a month ago, and I haven't been able to get help since - I've also realised how little they were actually doing when they were (technically) still working, which is further hindering my efforts to get caught up.

Oh, there's some stuff on sharepoint - I forgot that I did actually get a decent Microsoft 365 for Business package for me and my admin staff, but didn't have the time/skills/resources to link the ISP hosted stuff. And then before that, I was using Dropbox (again, never got around to moving files into the one service). I use iCloud for me, but never did shared iCloud folders with staff. I've been hindered a lot by tech-unsavvy admin, who only know how to use generic stuff. Anyway, I've just realised it's quite early in the morning there, so I won't DM-spam you further for now! Sorry if I disrupted you.

Yes, I’ve signed up to multiple things and channels to try to get some help, so I appreciate you helping! I’ll look into Apple business essentials, now that it’s available!

I’m trying to work out what best to use for a patient database also, since the one in my practice management software is pretty locked up.

Deliberately, so people will spend more money - like there’s no ability to generate custom reports, just a defined set of things to suit their own purposes. Which is why I can generate a list of professional “contacts” and it will give me a report with actual contact details, but if I try to do the same with patients, it’s just names. That’s it. Like “why would you want to export a list of patients and their contact details to do something in an external thing, when you could be using the crappy internal pay for each sms and email bulk sending service!”

oh yes... resistance to migration is something that drove us insane with our last provider... I’ve blocked the name of the software out of my memory, it was so bad lol.

two Apple platform-bound apps I’ve been trying to get my mom to use: Cardhop: