“The Walled Garden:”

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What could this term possibly any more?

for this community, I can imagine my imminent use of a true buzzword might immediately cause most to blow off this question entirely, which is absolutely fine lol.

an observation I made after my first few weeks truly diving deep into iOS for the project that’s been my whole year:

from what I have read, watched, and explored myself… I really don’t think the term “Walled Garden” has any value or meaning, whatsoever - certainly as things are in the present - in critical observations of Apple, Inc..

yet I continue to both overhear it being used and somehow prompt others to use it with me in direct conversation.

like… dude I’m maintaining 5 Big Boy Git repositories on my cell phone, from which I’ve also taken to remoting to my Big Boy Pro Windows desktop PC instead of actually… going upstairs to sit at my desk. (I don’t think I’ve actually set eyes on the thing in like two straight weeks… yes, I absolutely deserve humiliation for this.) perhaps most significant: the umpteen open source iOS apps I use and keep up with every single day

and on and on, right?

anyway, I’m just very curious to hear anything you guys might have to say about your relationship to That Word.