September 2016 Apple Keynote


I am going to liveblog a tractor pull next summer

-"Since launch, Apple Music has grown to over 17 million subscribers."

-Tim Cock is hoarse.

-140 billion total app downloads

-106% YoY growth in downloads July through August

-The most recent quarter, the app store generated 2x more global revenue than "our newest competitor"

-"Gaming is the biggest and most popular category in the store." - 500,000 games in the app store

-Mario is coming to the app store?

-Nintendo's Miyamoto 

-Apple is donating some hardware to students.

-Everyone Can Code - "Apple's approach to teaching coding." "Swift playgrounds"

-Real-time collaboration in iWork



Apple Watch

-Only 18 months of Apple Watch?

-STILL BEAT BY ROLEX.... MOTHER FUCKER Get your shit off that list of real watchmakers.

-How many certified watchmakers does Apple employ again?

-Apple Watch App: Breathe? 

-SOS - Contact emergency services by holding a button?

-John Hanke (pronounced hankey), CEO of Niantic Labs on stage, looking tired as hell. Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch.

-500 million+ Pokemon Go downloads, 4.6 billion kilometers walked.

A great way to never escape your phone.

_-_Apple Watch Series 2 - swim-proof (last Apple Watch was "splash proof") wow... can you believe apple invented the water resistant watch

-"We use the speaker itself to eject the water."

-"The Watch learns about your swimming over time, and adjusts to you."

Silent Hunter 4 for iOS???

_-_New chip inside: S2 dual-core + GPU. 60 frames per second

-Built-in GPS - just what the people wanted

-"An app that guides you with GPS, even if you don't have a cell signal."

-"Jeff Williams is back. Apple Watch Series 2 comes in aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic, which is white."




-Now sold over 1 billion iPhones "The best selling product of its kind in the history of the world." Well... Duh.

-iOS 10 "Our biggest iOS release ever"

-Lift iPhone to wake

-Siri capability to apps in the app store

-Contextual text prediction?

-Maps redesigned

-Apple HomeKit: Home automation

-Design: "jet black" Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

-New enclosure is water and dust resistant, IP67 protection standard 

-Home Button: "taptic engine"

-Camera: Everything is new: optical stabilization, f1.8 aperture lens, new six-element lens.


-12 MP

-Apple-designed image signal processor offers "supercomputer performance"

-captures cinema standard wide color

-100 billion operations every photograph, 25 milliseconds.

"Use the powerful iPhone 7 camera to take a picture of the headphone jack on your 6 Plus, so you can show it to your grandkids." - Casey Newton

I keep forgetting about Live Photos

_-_Editing API, RAW camera API, Wide color capture API

-7MP FaceTime HD (front) Camera. Also has auto image stabilization and wide color capture

-iPhone 7 Plus has two 12MP cameras - one wide-angle, the other, telephoto

Could this eliminate the depth of field issues that were the last remaining differentiator (really) between iPhones and DSLRS?

_-_Tap to jump to 2x OPTICAL zoom, digital zoom up to 10x


-ISP creates depth map

-It really is "a huge breakthrough in what can be done with a smartphone in photography."

-A "free software update later this year?" So, these features won't ship with the iPhone 7.

-Display: 25% brighter, wide color gamut, cinema standard, color management, 3D Touch

-Ian Spalter, Instagram, 3D Touch... hehe

-New zoom UI with haptic feedback

-"Instagram can now turn Live Photos into Boomerangs."

Boomerangs are those forward-back animations we've been seeing.

-Stereo speakers, 2X the volume, increased dynamic range

I feel like we've been waiting for this for a very long time

-EarPods: now connected over Lightning 

-Over 900 million lightning devices?

-Lightning - 3.5mm adapter included in the box with every iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

-Headphone Jack: "the courage to move on"

I am legitimately happy about the lightning capability - remember when I said "it'd be fine if there was an alternative to bluetooth?"

_-_Apple AirPods: W1 Chip. "Infared sensors detect when each AirPod is in your ear." $159...

-Performance: A10 Fusion Chip, 64-bit, four-core CPU. "The most powerful chip ever in a smartphone."

"If the game here was to sell the consumer benefits of killing the headphone jack, I'm not sure it happened." - Nilay Patel

-Longest battery life ever - 2 more hours on regular 7

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