Alexander Hay

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Alexander Hay @mralexhay


I’m a freelance documentary film editor, passionate about telling provocative, thoughtful human stories that get people talking.

I was previously the lead in-house editor at Firecracker Films and I’ve had the pleasure of working across a broad spectrum of some of the most popular shows on British television.

I’ve cut prime-time series such as the BAFTA-winning Ambulance (BBC One) and Secret Life Of 5 Year Olds (Channel 4) alongside surprising singles such as Secret Life Of The Human Pups (Channel 4), The Brit Who Tried To Kill Trump (BBC Three) and Tom Daley: What’s Wrong With Surrogacy? (BBC One).

I also have experience establishing bold new formats, setting the series styles of Mums Make Porn (Channel 4), Emma Willis: Delivering Babies (W) and The British Tribe Next Door (Channel 4).

Earlier in my career, I crafted slick digital content for some of the biggest brands in the world: Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Johnnie Walker & Heineken and was chosen as one of Broadcast Magazine’s up-and-coming “Hotshots” back in 2011.

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