Savage Grace

Accompany me with your night to our hideaway from pleasant surprise

Glide me through what trees you give move’d about striding cruel stream

I am yours to reflect and bear with noble assumptions to reciprocally know across our existential divide

to divulge few precious cross-corridor smiles to know with only a rhythmic zest a favorite name

Such designed convergence! Such intentful patience! My escape in heavy air accepting as last heir to your sanctuary of apathy or so it seems in our newborn night lit by nearly-familiar intermittent tower lights to reveal a way devoid of purposeless reciprocation remind me occasionally, but not this night

To hum the music and dance in your beautiful retreat with the voice of a coincidence of a comfort of a pinnacle seen in sunlight one more time over the hedge by old plotting eyes that wonder’d in dignified legacy It was a shame

The voice of my dancer sustains necessary function to indulge our wary dark dabbling

Too occupied to sound off for warmth in kind that is appropriately distanced in disgust without fail, instinctually instantaneously

Briskly striding through the blackness without complaint or its language, paced by ancient intuition

Ye sure-footed sage Ye lethal lunar predator Killing as serenity obscured by silence’s sleepy wool

Stitched and bound by effort’s promise

Visible only as correct form to voluntarily carry noble titles through nostalgic undulations

O ’ l i t t l e c i t y o f q u i r k a n d c a l m W h o m o n l y I k n o w t r u l y , a l o n e

Love yourself and go away Tenses meander and play through a churning human sea The taxation of diligence for a reserve that could never be objectively respectable (nor profane) It smooths habitual language to their most dependably honed state