A slight addendum: while I think we (folks who are professionally, emotionally, or even recreationally invested and engaged with the media industry) should proceed under the assumption that readers are intelligent and discerning, the reality (as I have observed, living and working among working-class Midwesterners) is quite different.

We know this, already, but specifically regarding bylines

From what I have observed in the wild, the majority of casual news consumers rarely if ever notice them. As far as they're concerned, anything they happen to read on the new york times dot com, or from the company’s various social accounts, is most definitely written in the voice of the brand.

Obviously, much has been said on this issue by meta media authorities here and elsewhere, but the disconnect remains glaring and alarming from where I sit.

I vaguely remember a conversation I had with a partner on this subject when I was attempting to build a unique digital media company circa 2017: We were tossing very technical, UX-ey design solutions around. As in the CSS style of the byline element on an article's webpage… We dropped it, but I think it's worth thinking about visually reengineering our methodologies of attribution.