New Tab – Command T Close Tab – Command W Open Split View – Command N Show Previous Tab – Control Shift Tab Show Next Tab – Control Tab Show Tab Overview – Shift Command
Open Location / Website URL / Search – Command L Go – Return Cycle between text inputs on page – Tab Reload Page – Command R Go Back – Command [ Go Forward – Command ] Find on Page – Command F Show / Hide Reader Mode – Shift Command R Show / Hide Sidebar – Shift Command L Add to Reading List – Shift Command D Scroll Down – Down Arrow Scroll Up – Up Arrow Scroll Left – Left Arrow Scroll Right – Right Arrow Scroll Down a Page – Spacebar Scroll Up a Page – Shift Spacebar Scroll to bottom of a page – Command + Down Arrow Scroll to top of a page – Command + Up Arrow Cut – Command X Copy – Command C Paste – Command V Exit Safari and return to iPad Home Screen – Command H (Shift Command H on some devices)